Emotion Code & Body Code : Trapped Emotion

As human beings we all experience emotions, often many a day. Most often we experience an emotion and then let it go but sometimes for various reasons like it’s a powerful emotion, a significant experience or it’s occurring at a time when we feel compromised, these emotions stay with us. Trapped emotions can be described as balls of energy within your energy field and your physical body. Trapped emotions can also be inherited from parents at the time of conception or a baby in-utero can take on a trapped emotion that the mom is feeling while pregnant – it’s fascinating.

It is believed that if you have trapped emotions in your energy field – say “Anger” for example – and you encounter a situation that could make you angry you might be more inclined to feel it more intensely or quickly then someone else because you already have it vibrating in your energy field. Think of someone with a “quick trigger” who gets angry easily. It is also believed that if you have a lot of particular emotions in your energy field you are more likely to attract more of that energy (or situations creating that energy) to you. So if you have a lot of the trapped emotions of “worthless” in your energy field, then you may find yourself easily feeling worthless in a situation or you attract situations that make you feel more worthless.

All of us have many trapped emotions in our energy fields. Without awareness or intervention these emotions can go on to cause problems in the physical body like chronic pain, disease, and other health problems. And certainly these can also cause emotional distress like feeling depressed, worthless, unappreciated, angry, feeling a lack of zest for life, etc.

The good news is when you release a trapped emotion it is gone for good. As more and more emotions are released people find they are restored to better mental and physical health. They may start to notice good things happening in their lives like better relationships, passion for a new hobby, a new job experience or more success at work. This is because all the emotional junk is removed from the energy field and you’re vibrating at a clearer higher rate which helps you attract the things you want in your life – “thoughts become things”.